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How to Improve Your Marriage

There are many things you can do to improve your relationship. The first step, that of admitting you are unhappy, has already been taken. For the next step, complete this sentence:

The things I dislike about our relationship are _____.

Share your answers with your spouse and ask them to complete the same sentence. Be honest with each other. What is needed to make your relationship fulfilling is in the answer to this question.

I also suggest a look into your individual issues because there is a good chance these are also effecting your happiness. Ask yourself: What is it I don't like about my life? Throughout life we have the opportunity to make positive changes in ourselves. It is at these times that we are faced with our failures, bad decisions and/or areas of our personality that need improvement. This is uncomfortable, at best. The easiest way to avoid this discomfort is to blame your spouse for your present situation. In order not to make this mistake and miss improving your life, make sure your unhappiness is not because of any of the following: You are angry at some of the things your've allowed to happen in the relationship; You are upset at the way your life has turned out; Lonely now that the children don't need you as much; Or scared about your next step. Don't pass up this opportunity to look at yourself, grow and express the real and unique you.

Both of the above situations are difficult to tackle alone. There are so many emotions involved that you may need to work with a marriage counselor or other third party. They can help you get past your reactions, stay focused on the real problem and build a relationship that works for both of you.