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Why Counseling?
Are you feeling confused, lonely or lost? Do you have conflicts within the family? Counseling can help. Find out how.
Common Questions
What can couples do when their relationship isn't working? Do both need to attend? Can counseling really help?
Becoming a Client
Before your first visit with us, here are some forms to fill out and policies regarding insurance and your privacy.
Carol Shepard
Sometimes life is just too hard. While it may be possible for you to get through the hard times alone or with the support of family and friends, oftentimes it is beneficial to seek out additional support or direction. There are many reasons a situation or your emotions can become too hard to manage. Stress is ongoing, a relationship is in trouble, a new experience or major change is harder than expected or your past has left you with negative and untrue beliefs about yourself. Maybe you struggle with depression or anxiety. Perhaps you have a habit of choosing unhealthy relationships, or you long for the
confidence to trust your perspective and go after your dreams. Counseling can help you here as well.

No matter what issues you currently face, Life Tide Counseling is ready to equip you with the tools, the understanding and the direction you need for this time in your life.

At Life Tide Counseling, we’re always here to help you through life's difficult situations. Browse our web site for informative handouts and articles, or request a contact to find out more about how we can help you.
Real Life is Hard...
Why am I Still Depressed?
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