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Why am I Depressed?

Depression has several causes as well as purposes. It is a natural response to loss or change. It also can be a side effect of medication or illness, can be caused by a chemical imbalance, negative attitude, self criticism, exhaustion or signal that something in your life needs to change. Physical causes need to be ruled out by a medical exam. Depression from loss or a change will go away in time. Usually after a period of grieving or adjustment. When depression does not go away you need to seek help.

Counseling can help uncover such causes of depression as a negative attitude, self criticism, exhaustion, false beliefs, burn out and unhealthy patterns. It can also help you identify any changes your body may be trying to tell you need to be made. These causes can be difficult to recognize within one's self. A counselor can help you discover what is the cause of your depression and help you make the necessary changes. You do not have to stay depressed.