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What to Expect From Counseling

Generally, we meet once a week for 45 to 60 minutes. We will work with you individually, with a friend, co-worker, spouse or with your family.

For individual counseling, we help you by:
  • building self esteem.
  • find solutions when you have run out of ideas.
  • offering you support and direction.
  • helping you clear up confusion.
  • improving your communication skills.

For counseling sessions with more than one individual, Life Tide Counseling becomes an objective third party and helps everyone:
  • effectively communicate their frustrations.
  • understand the other's point of view.
  • seek a healthy resolution.
  • learn to work together as a family or team.
  • enrich their relationship.
  • build trust in one another.

New Patient Forms

Here are the forms which you can download and review before your first visit. The form titled “Consent to Counseling and Intake” is two pages and the only one that needs to be printed, completed and brought with you to your first session. If you don’t have a printer, you can complete it at the office. We will have a copy of the Outpatient Services Contract for you to sign at your initial visit. The Privacy Statement is for you to review.

  • Payment Policy

    You will be expected to pay for each session at the time it is held, unless we agree otherwise or unless you have insurance coverage, which requires another arrangement. Payment schedules for other professional services will be agreed to when they are requested.