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Anger Management

Individual sessions that meet for 6 to 8 one hour sessions. Course focuses on understanding your anger, managing one's anger, expressing yourself and the value of anger when used productively. Group classes are sometimes available.

Assertiveness Training

This class is designed for those who struggle with expressing their opinions, saying "no", knowing what they want or with taking care of themselves. This class will present a balanced approach to reaching your goals while maintaining quality and caring relationships with others.

Parenting After Divorce

This course is designed to improve one's parenting by addressing boundary setting, understanding your children's needs, staying in touch with your children, keeping the children "out of the middle" and understanding one's emotional reaction to the other parent.

Parenting Teens and Living With Your Parents

Who is this stranger in my house? Would someone please find my real mom/dad son/daughter? This course is designed to help a family understand and make the best of the changes that occur during the teen years.